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i think you're a contra

davy's journal


but i
+ undignified worship
+ road tripping
+ story time with kayla
+ loving the "buzz" band
+ sharing that band with others
+ capturing the kodak moment
+ rolling down the window, blasting my new favorite song
+ running in the rain for 6.5 seconds
+ celebrating Christmas

- boring
- bad guys
- politics

= my non existent perfect life

just wanted
the narnia films, the patriot, moulin rouge, the village, junebug, wall e, the dark knight, cloverfield, atonement, the matrix trilogy, gladiator, fight club, 500 days of summer, the pirates of the caribbean trilogy, dan in real life, mean girls, into the wild, the darjeeling limited, knocked up, american beauty, + slumdog millionaire

gilmore girls, the office, friends, doctor who, the mighty boosh, grey's anatomy, 30 rock, gossip girl, the vicar of dibley, skins, buffy the vampire slayer, + merlin

coldplay, ben folds, keane, john mayer, hillsong united, jesus culture, brian johnson, bon iver, the antlers, free energy, mumford & sons, the national, the weepies, metric, meg + dia, eisley, radiohead, regina spektor, paolo nutini, fun., copeland, imogen heap, the bird and the bee, death cab for cutie, yeah yeah yeah's, jonas brothers, the decemberists, tegan and sara, elbow, florence and the machine, jump little children, vampire weekend, surfer blood, + miniature tigers

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